My Bionic Pet

Aired 4/8/2014 on PBS Nature

The animals of the world may increasingly need our help with big issues like preserving habitat or species conservation. But sometimes individual animals need our help as well. Left disabled without fins, flippers, beaks or tails because of disease, accidents or even human cruelty, these unfortunate creatures need what amounts to a miracle if they are to survive.

The Joy a Tamarack Brace Brings to Millie

Millie is a beloved family pet from New Zealand who, after being struck by a car, suffered radial paralysis of one of her limbs; compromising her quality of life. After researching the treatment options for Millie, her owner learned that custom orthotic bracing could be an effective alternative to amputation. She worked with a local orthotist to develop a custom articulated brace incorporating Tamarack Flexure Joints to preserve natural joint motion.

With her custom-fit orthotic brace, Millie is able to continue life as a happy and healthy family pet. Watch Millie in Action with Her Custom Tamarack Brace

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