Joints for Veterinary Bracing

Friction Fighters

Tamarack® Flexure Joints for Veterinary Applications

In 1995, Tamarack Habilitation Technologies introduced the Tamarack Flexure Joint® to the human orthotic & prosthetic industry. Featuring a self-aligning flexure design paired with a unique high-strength inner fiber, the "Tamarack Joint" is a virtually indestructible articulating hinge for thermoplastic and carbon fiber bracing applications.

After witnessing a rise in the use of Tamarack Flexure Joints® for animal bracing, Tamarack Habilitation Technologies collaborated with industry experts to develop a custom veterinary design for the Tamarack Flexure Joint®. The veterinary Tamarack Joint features a lighter durometer material to afford animals – especially canines – an easier transition to wearing a custom stifle, carpus, elbow or hock brace.

Veterinary Tamarack Flexure Joints are available
in three sizes with a black finish to color-match
most custom thermoplastic veterinary orthotic and
prosthetic devices.

Recently introduced Tamarack Flexure Joint Caps
(Model 741-CAP-LB) easily attach to veterinary
orthotic & prosthetic devices, creating a durable,
articulating joint cavity for installation of Tamarack
Flexure Joints.

Where to Order Veterinary Tamarack Flexure Joints
Tamarack Flexure Joint® products are available exclusively to qualified orthotic & prosthetic service providers, and cannot be purchased by the public.

Veterinary Tamarack Flexure Joints are available from Becker Orthopedic and their distribution partners, worldwide.

Please note: Tamarack Flexure Joint products are not available for purchase by consumers. Contact a veterinary orthotic & prosthetic provider or your preferred veterinarian for more information about fabricating a custom orthotic or prosthetic device for your animal.

ShearBan® Self-Adhesive PTFE Sheets & Precut Patches

Blue Oval Patch Beige Oval Patch Blue Rectangle Patch Beige Rectangle Patch

For targeted protection from abrasion, loss of fur, and skin breakdown

ShearBan® is a unique low friction interface material designed for application directly onto footwear, insoles, and orthopedic devices; protecting skin from abrasion and breakdown.

In veterinary applications, ShearBan® effectively provides a layer of protection between animal fur and an orthopedic device. Because ShearBan is ultra-thin and is only applied in areas that are causing irritation (not around the entire device), it does not alter the fit or performance of braces and prostheses.

How it Works

When applied preventatively or at the first sign of skin trauma, ShearBan helps protect against further skin breakdown by reducing friction and shear forces between the skin and interfacing materials (braces, collars, wheelchair carts, etc). If skin breakdown has already occured, ShearBan serves as a barrier against further skin damage; relieving friction & shear forces to provide a faster and healthier wound healing environment.

How to Apply It

ShearBan is available in 8" x 12" adhesive-backed sheets (ideal for making custom shaped patches) as well as peel & stick precut patches.

Simply remove the protective backing and apply the durable adhesive side of the patch to footwear, insoles, or orthopedic devices; wherever relief is desired. Press firmly around the patch surface to ensure optimal adhesion.

ShearBan should be replaced if the patch peels away from the footwear material or when the colored film wears through; exposing the fabric layer underneath.

ShearBan Features & Benefits

Features of ShearBan® Patch Benefits of ShearBan® Patch
Ultra-low friction surface
  • Neutralizes shear—the primary cause of calluses and foot ulcers—by forming a low COF interface
  • Maintains low COF in moist conditions
  • Does not interfere with foot function
  • Does not interfere with pressure relief modalities
  • Does not interfere with footwear fit
  • Conforms to contours or depressions
  • Easy to work with
Applies to footwear, not skin
  • Reduces skin irritation
  • Works well with variety of wound dressings & treatment modalities
  • Long-lasting durability
Peel backing and apply
  • Easy to use
Different forms (ovals/sheets)
  • Ovals offer convenience
  • Sheets alow customization of patch
  • Multi-week (most often longer) protection

ShearBan® is distributed worldwide by Becker Orthopedic
and is also available from your preferred O&P Supplier

Consumers and Veterinarians, visit to order.

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